About Axiom

Our passion is engineering and manufacturing.

Axiom was formed in 2016 to create a positive environment within which we use our collective experience to provide intelligent solutions to support and improve manufacturing processes for our customers across the UK.

Our reputation for thinking outside the box is widely recognised and we are able to design and manufacture, in house, novel solutions to solve our customer’s challenges. We are proven in pushing the boundaries of design, machining and engineering to deliver solutions.

We combine new and advanced technologies with a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers to design and manufacture our range of solutions. The solutions we provide are complimentary to each other and we offer them individually or as a combined package, for example tool design, tool manufacture, component production, measurement fixture and assembly aids.

We operate in markets that require fast turnaround and we continually invest in having the equipment we need ‘in-house’. This allows us to have full control of what we do enabling us to deliver a fast and efficient service.

We are proud to be design and manufacturing partners to industry leaders in automotive, F1, consumer goods, aerospace, marine, defence and energy sectors.

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