Ibarmia ZVh45 Milling Machine | Axiom Product Development

Ibarmia ZVH45

Bedsize: 2300 x 850
RPM: 5 Axis 12000 RPM
Max Table Load: 1500kg
Max Block Size: 1600 x 800 x 800

– Electro-Spindle: 12,000rpm – 27/39 kW – 130/187 Nm torque
– Machine Dimensions: L x W x H – 7102mm x 4798mm x 3067mm
– Strokes: X – 1600mm. Y- 800mm Z-800mm. B- ±105°
– CNC Control: Hedienhain TNC 640 HSCI

Size: L x W – 2000x850mm
Max Load: 2000 kg/m2

Rotary Table:
Size: 800mm diameter
Swing Diameter: 1100mm
MAX weight: 1500kg

Multitasking machine, Optional vertical integrated rotary table mounted either horizontally or vertically.

This 5-axis travelling column milling machine can complete complicated and intricate components with ease due to its powerful 12,000rpm Electro-spindle, producing results with high levels of precision and speed.

40 Position ATC, allowing for fast swapping of tools and can be swapped out and changed to meet customer requirements

The spindle has a high movement speed across the work bed at 40m/min, combined with high acceleration results in fast processing of units, with the fixed distance design of the main tool head allowing for constant cutting in all positions of the Y-axis.