DMG DMU 50 - 3rd Generation

DMG DMU 50 3rd Generation x 2

Bedsize: 650
RPM: 5 Axis 15000 RPM
Max Table Load: 300kg
Max Block Size: 650 x 520 x 475

– 30 pocket tool magazine.
– Has the ability to be paired with a WH 15 Cell, a modular automation system.
– Workpiece size: 300 x 300 x 200 mm.
– Workpiece weight: 15kg MAX.
– Tray size: (length x width x height) 600 x 800 x 120/240.
– Software + Control: CELOS

5-axis milling machine. The additional A and B axis given by the mobile bed gives multidirectional options, allowing complex parts to be processed in a single setup.

With the assistance of CELOS software controls, the digital factory can be used to maintain continuous workflow for services meaning constant production for faster services

Able to pair with multiple variations of WH units, allowing for automation of production specific to production scale, from singular part production through to mass production.

Large 30 space tool magazine allowing for further automation, being able to support a large variety of specifications

Ball driven screws resulting in less friction and more efficiency.

Accurate up to 5 micrometres.