Axiom equipment

Negri Bossi V180-670 Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Slightly more powerful than the V90-320 version, this machine provides the same level of accuracy and repeatability.

Hosting 20% faster injection and screw rotation than the standard hydraulic machine, with ensured melt quality as a result of the high L/D ratio of all screws, which can be quickly switched out within minutes to meet customers specific material requirements.

The injection unit uses two linear prismatic guides with re-circulating linear ball bearings, This results in firm, well guided injections with consistent results without deformations or failures.

Theoretical injection capacity: 295-500cm3

Classification: 1,800H-670

Injection rate: 125-210

Mould max opening stroke: 470mm
Mould height (min-max): 170-155mm

Size of platerns HxV: 770x690mm
Distance between tie bars HxV: 530x460mm

Max pressure on material: 32630 psi

Heating capacity: 20kW

Clamping force: 1800KN
Locking force: 1980KN