Axiom equipment

Negri Bossi V90-320 Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

Small to medium-sized components and products suggested for this machine.

For high mould accuracy and repeatability, the CANBIO sT 90-320 employs a Finite Element Method (FEM) to understand product dimensions more precisely, meaning decreased deformations and results being as detailed and complex as needed.

Magnetostrictive position transducers work as cavity sensors for the team to better monitor and control the moulding process while it is happening, creating a more reliable and accurate finish.

Clamping Force: Mould clamping force 90 tonnes
Tie bar distance: Distance between tie bars (H x V) 400 x 360 mm
Max shot capacity: Maximum shot capacity (PS) 162g

Theoretical injection capacity: 149-232 cm3

Classification: 900H-320

Injection rate: 75-117 cm2/s

Mould max opening stroke: 360mm
Mould height (min-max): 150-450mm

Size of Platens HxV: 590×570 mm
Distance between tie bars HxV: 400x360mm

Max. pressure on material: 30457.92psi

Heating capacity: 7.5-9.3 kW

Clamping force: 900KN
Locking force: 990KN