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Concept through to Point of Sale

Axiom have been delighted to assist a keen local windsurfer in the development of an innovative, new ‘Board Protector’ which protects the nose of windsurf boards from scuffs and damage from mast and sail impact.  Axiom were approached with a concept idea for the product which they assisted the customer in taking to an injection... Read More
Get your product made with Axiom

How do I get my product manufactured?

All of the products we use daily started in the same place – as an idea. But, where do you start if you’ve got an idea but have no idea on how to turn it into a product? Read on to find out. OK, let’s say you have an idea for a new widget that... Read More

Axiom welcomes Tom Bridle to the team

Tom Bridle has joined Axiom as a Design Engineer with over 10 experience working as a CAD Designer in the automotive, aerospace and medical industries. Tom is an enthusiastic engineer with a passion for Computer-Aided Design, modelling and technical drafting. He has specialist skills in the design of CMM inspection fixtures, machining fixtures and assembly... Read More

What is CNC machining?

CNC – Computer Numerical Control – machining is a subtractive process where a solid block of material is shaped through cutting, boring, drilling, and grinding – producing a unique, custom-designed part. The material can be anything from wood to plastic, metal, foam or composites – giving you a lot of scope for the product/part you’re... Read More
2 DMGs machines

We are recruiting; 3 Axis CNC Programmer – Milling Operator Setter

Axiom are looking for a 3 Axis CNC Programmer – Milling Operator Setter with experience of machining aluminium, steels, Modelboards and plastics to a high quality. Tasks will include programming, setting and operating on 3 axis machining centres. You will ideally be apprentice trained or a time served machinist with a minimum of 2 years... Read More

CMM inspection fixtures to aid accuracy of measured parts

The team at Axiom have recently delivered a suit of CMM Inspection Fixtures for an automotive customer which will enable them to accurately measure parts. Coordinate Measuring Machines ( CMM ) are industrial inspection machines that measure the dimensional accuracy of manufactured goods which is an important step to monitoring production quality to ensure manufactured... Read More

Build to print manufacturing aids assist customer’s manufacturing process

A manufacturing aid is defined as a device, platform, tool, jig or fixture that is used to enhance, speed up, perfect or fix a manufacturing or assembly production. Axiom specialise in both the assessment of the manufacturing problem combined with design and build of a suitable aid and also ‘build to pint’ manufacturing aids, where... Read More

Rapid injection mould tool aids manufacturing process

These protective rubber ‘boots’ were designed and manufactured in-house at Axiom to aid a customer’s manufacturing process. The rapid aluminium injection mould tool for the parts was designed by the team and machined in-house. The rapid injection mould tool was then used on the Negri Bossi V90 to quickly produce the rubber boots which have... Read More

Could a specialist trim fixture assist your manufacturing process

Axiom have recently assisted this aerospace customer with a specialist trim fixture and tool to assist in their manufacturing process. The DMG DMU 50 CNC machine at Axiom produced this aluminium vacuum forming tool for the component part for the aerospace customer. The team also manufactured the trim fixture from Ebaboard 600 which holds the... Read More

From concept to product via plastic injection

The Axiom team were delighted to assist this British customer in the design, product development and manufacture of these colourful golf course markers. The client approached them with an idea which the experienced design team at Axiom drew up into a working design. The tool for this product was then machined in-house into a plastic... Read More

Providing quick turnaround plastic injection tooling & parts for the automotive sector

The team at Axiom were able to provide quick turnaround for the manufacture of the mould tool and the production of the plastic injected items for one of their automotive customers. Assisting their customer to produce new items in a short time frame, the experienced team at Axiom were able to assist by machining the... Read More

Vacuum form tool for luxury jeweler

Axiom were delighted to produce a suite of vacuum form tools for a high-end luxury jewellery brand for their Christmas decorations which are now on display in prime sites across London. Our team of skilled CNC machinists used Ebalta Eboard on our in-house Haas 4 and Haas 9 CNC machines to make the very large... Read More

Quick turnaround vacuum forming tools

This aftermarket supplier required a new vacuum forming tool to be manufactured in a tight time frame, which the Axiom team were happy to fulfill. This is what we do best! The 3 vacuum forming tools were manufactured in-house and will produce parts for motorcycles. Contact the team at Axiom now to discuss your CNC... Read More

Carbon Fibre Tooling

The in-house design team at Axiom recently designed and manufactured this precision carbon fibre tooling on the in-house Haas 9 CNC machine for an automotive customer. Get in touch with our hugely experienced team to find out more about our in-house capabilities and facilities. Call 01243 785050 or email enquiries@axiompd.co.uk... Read More

Working with innovative companies

Axiom PD are delighted to be working with a highly innovative company, RAD Propulsion, who are designing and manufacturing a range of next generation electric engines for the marine sector. Axiom manufactured the plastic injection mould tool which was then used on the in-house Negri Bossi plastic injection moulding machine to produce items which need... Read More

Plastic Injection Mouldings

Axiom Product Development have expertise not only the production of a wide variety of plastic injection moulded items for a wide variety of sectors, but also in the in-house design and manufacture of plastic injection mould tools. Examples of some of the mould tools and plastic injected products produced on the two Negri Bossi Plastic... Read More
About Axiom cnc in use | Axiom Product Development

Formula 1 excitement

The team here at Axiom are excited to be working on tooling for next season’s Formula 1. The company’s DMG 5 Axis CNC machines have been busy working on quick turnaround requirements, some within as little as 4 hours. Find out more about our expertise and facilities onsite and call us now on 01243 785050... Read More

Reverse engineered plastic injection mould tool

When a recent client required a quick turnaround plastic injection mould tool for industrial use, the team at Axiom reverse engineered the existing part to machine the new plastic injection mould tool using P20 steel. Tooling for plastic injection moulding is just one of the many services that Axiom can provide for your business. The... Read More
close up of axiom pd designed mudguard | axiom product development

Axiom expert design team deliver mountain bike mudguard solution

It’s well known that water and electrics don’t mix which is why water, dirt and stones can cause undue problems to the electrics now commonly seen on the latest generation of mountain bikes. This problem led to the full range of skills and experience at Axiom Product Development being called upon to design and manufacture... Read More
axiom swims channel to raise funds for marine conservation society

Axiom FD swims Channel to raise funds for Marine Conservation Society

Congratulations are in order for our Finance Director, Jane Turner, who recently took part in a team swim relay across the English Channel. Jane was part of a group of 4 women, ranging from their 20s to 50s, who trained together for two years in order to acclimatise themselves to the sea water temperatures in... Read More
Grant Keates appointed as operations manager

Grant Keates appointed Operations Manager

Axiom Product Development are delighted to announce the appointment of Grant Keates as Operations Manager. With over 35 years of engineering experience, Grant is a qualified CAD (Computer Aided Design) designer with expertise in many of the leading design programs. Grant has many years of experience in mechanical manufacturing and is highly skilled at designing... Read More
axiom successfully renewed iso 9001 standard | axiom PD

Axiom successfully renews ISO 9001 Quality Standard

Axiom is delighted report that the company recently renewed its ISO 9001 certificate. ISO 9001 sets out the criteria for our quality management system and gives confidence for our customers that our processes and systems demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet both our customer and regulatory requirements. Well done to... Read More
About Axiom cnc in use | Axiom Product Development

CNC machine setter/operator required

Axiom Product Development Ltd are looking to recruit a CNC machine setter/operator to join our growing and dedicated team. The ideal candidate will have a good engineering background with strong CNC setter/operator experience. About Us: Axiom are based in the Chichester area, West Sussex. We are a manufacturer of high-quality machined components. Our advanced CNC... Read More
Axiom PD specialise in vacuum casting |axiom pd

Build to print vacuum cast order

This is a good example of a recent vacuum cast order for a customer in the automotive sector. This was a build to print order from our customer who required a fast turnaround with value for money and known reliability. Vacuum casting is a technique used for the production of small series of functional plastic... Read More
jigs and fixtures to assist manufacturing lines | axiom pd

Jigs and fixtures to assist manufacturing lines

Axiom are well known for the design and manufacture of jigs, fixtures and manufacturing aids to assist production lines across a number of industry sectors. This image is a great example of an in-house designed and manufactured fixture used to assist the manufacturing process for a UK production line. The Axiom team are highly experienced... Read More
simple and complex machining with axiom product development

Prototype engine components

Axiom produced these prototype engine components from machined billet to fabricated and machined components. These items demonstrate the breadth of skills and diversity of machining capabilities available at Axiom who regularly tackle simple to complex machining jobs all with fast turnarounds and high quality. These items were all made to order and built to print... Read More
interior image haas VF9 | axiom product development

Machining of vacuum form tooling on Haas VF9

The team at Axiom are highly experienced at producing vacuum form tooling and this is a great example of an aluminium vacuum forming tool being machined on our Haas VF9 CNC machine. Our customer required us to both design and manufacture the tool which will be used in the automotive sector. Find out about our... Read More
light guard protector mould | axiom product development

Light guard protector mould tool designed and manufactured in-house

This customer required a light guard protector for ceiling lights; the Axiom team understood the requirements and designed and machined this mould tool to produce the final product using our in-house state-of-the-art DMG DMU 50 3rd generation CNC machine. The rapidly designed and manufactured mould tool enables the final moulded light guard protector to be... Read More
precision injection mould tool | axiom product development

Fast turnaround precision injection mould tool design and manufactured in-house

This is a recent example of an injection mould tool that was designed in-house by Axiom Product Development designers. The tool was then machined using our DMG DMU 50 3rd generation and Haas VF4 CNC machining centres out of P20 steel. Find out more about our engineering and design capabilities here. The requirement from our... Read More
rapid prototyping side view | axiom product development

Axiom team assist in new product development

Axiom PD has been working closely with an exciting start-up business, RAD Propulsion assisting them in the development of a very innovative electric propulsion unit for the marine sector. The team at Axiom have been lending their expertise to the project in terms of manufacturing prototype pieces of equipment, designing and manufacturing mould tools for... Read More
aluminium vacuum forming tool | Axiom Product Development

Aluminium vacuum forming tool

Aluminium vacuum forming tool, 1050mm diameter; designed and manufactured in-house at Axiom Product Development Ltd contact us for your precision machining requirements. ... Read More
vacuum forming tool 1 | axiom product development

Vacuum forming tool designed and machined in-house

Vacuum forming tool designed and machined in-house at Axiom Product Development Ltd using our Haas VF9 and IBARMIA ZVH45 machines.... Read More
vacuum forming tool | Axiom Product Development

Vacuum forming tool produced for innovative new helmet

An interesting vacuum forming tool created by the highly skilled team at Axiom Product Development recently for a very innovative helmet design. This was a classic ‘build to print’ order where our skilled machinists used the client’s design to produce the precision tooling. Well done team!... Read More