Jigs & Fixtures

Build to print manufacturing aids assist customer’s manufacturing process


A manufacturing aid is defined as a device, platform, tool, jig or fixture that is used to enhance, speed up, perfect or fix a manufacturing or assembly production.

Axiom specialise in both the assessment of the manufacturing problem combined with design and build of a suitable aid and also ‘build to pint’ manufacturing aids, where the client sends through the design.

In this case the team at Axiom were sent the drawings by the customer and built these manufacturing aids from the designs. The result is an improved manufacturing process for the customer.

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Jigs and fixtures to assist manufacturing lines

jigs and fixtures to assist manufacturing lines | axiom pd

Axiom are well known for the design and manufacture of jigs, fixtures and manufacturing aids to assist production lines across a number of industry sectors. This image is a great example of an in-house designed and manufactured fixture used to assist the manufacturing process for a UK production line.

The Axiom team are highly experienced at visiting production lines, assessing the challenge and designing and manufacturing specialist, bespoke jigs, fixtures and manufacturing aids to assist in the production process.

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