New Product Development

From recycled fridges to re-engineered plastic injection moulded golf markers

When an existing customer of Axiom’s enquired about the possibility of making his products out of recycled materials, the team were happy to assist and explored a number of sustainable options.

Having previously designed and manufactured the mould tool for the golf marker, Axiom were well-placed to carry out the research to find a suitable recycled material that had the correct properties for use in the in-house Ibarmia plastic injection moulding machines.

Although it was difficult to source in quantities suitable for a small volume run, the Axiom team managed to find a suitable polystyrene material which is made from recycled fridges in the UK, which could be used in the existing Axiom-made mould tool.

Following a number of material trials, the customer has approved the new golf marker which uses recycled materials that are both sourced and processed in the UK. The lower white golf marker in the image is the new recycled option.

The Axiom team previously assisted this British customer in the design, product development and manufacture of these colourful golf course markers. You can read the full story of taking a concept idea through to finished product via plastic injection moulding here.

Axiom are delighted to have been part of the team in this recycling success story and would be happy to talk to any customers exploring more sustainable engineering processes and materials. Call us now on 01243 785050 to discuss your requirements.

Concept through to Point of Sale

#New Product Development

Axiom have been delighted to assist a keen local windsurfer in the development of an innovative, new ‘Board Protector’ which protects the nose of windsurf boards from scuffs and damage from mast and sail impact. 

Axiom were approached with a concept idea for the product which they assisted the customer in taking to an injection mouldable product, this was then 3D printed at various stages of the design to assess the part’s performance.

Once the design was approved, tooling design was finalised and the rapid aluminium tooling was produced on the in-house 5 axis DMU machines.

Axiom produced a short run production of the product on its in-house Negri Bossi 90t  machine in a recycled PC/ABS material and delivered it to the customer fully finalised in its POS (point of sale) packaging.

You can view and buy the product here.

Axiom specialise in assisting customers developing new products. All the in-house skills, machinery and experience of Axiom are ideally suited to converting concept sketches into fully tested and manufactured packaged items. Call the team now to discuss your concept products; 01243 785050.