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CNC machining

How do I get my product manufactured?

All of the products we use daily started in the same place – as an idea. But, where do you start if you’ve got an idea but have no idea on how to turn it into a product?

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Injection moulding

Working with innovative companies

Axiom PD are delighted to be working with a highly innovative company, RAD Propulsion, who are designing and manufacturing a range of next generation electric engines for the marine sector.

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Injection moulding

Plastic injection mouldings

Axiom Product Development have expertise not only the production of a wide variety of plastic injection moulded items for a wide variety of sectors, but also in the in-house design and manufacture of plastic injection mould tools.

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Case studies

Reverse engineered plastic injection mould tool

When a recent client required a quick turnaround plastic injection mould tool for industrial use, the team at Axiom reverse engineered the existing part to machine the new plastic injection mould tool using P20 steel.