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Challenging tolerances and mirrored finishes – How we do it!

At Axiom, we take pride in our CNC machining capabilities. Our team of experts not only have the skills to tackle any project but also the right tools to ensure top-notch quality results. Recently, we had the challenge of producing a customer’s item with tight tolerances and a mirrored finish. Here’s how we did it using our Lang Vices. 

The challenge of tight tolerances and mirrored finishes 

Tight tolerances and mirrored finishes are two of the most difficult tasks for CNC machining operations because they require precise control over the tools used in production.

The slightest variation or imperfection can ruin the entire job and result in a waste of time and resources.

Fortunately, with our Lang Vices, we have full control during the process so that every job is done right.



How lang vices help us achieve perfect results 

Lang Vices are designed to provide reliable accuracy and repeatability while working on small parts with tight tolerances.

The vices feature fine adjustment mechanisms which allow us to make precise adjustments to ensure that all parts fit perfectly together while maintaining a consistent mirrored finish throughout production runs. 

In addition, these vices also feature adjustable jaws so that they can be used on different sizes and shapes of parts without having to continually change out vices or adjust them manually. This makes it much easier to produce high-quality parts efficiently and cost-effectively.  

The benefits of working with lang vices at axiom 

At Axiom, we specialise in CNC machining for bespoke items requiring tight tolerances and perfect mirror finishes

By utilising our Lang Vices, we are able to achieve these goals quickly and cost-effectively, which gives us an edge over other CNC machinists who might struggle with these types of jobs due to a lack of proper tooling or experience. 

In addition, our employees enjoy working with these vices as they offer ease of use, which helps them get more done faster while still achieving perfect results every time!  

Our commitment to providing superior quality products ensures that no matter what type of job you need done – from simple components all the way up to complex assemblies – you can trust us to deliver excellent results every time!

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