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Discover the magic of quick turnarounds

How do you ensure a quick turnaround of your CNC machining or jigs and fixtures or other manufacturing project?

Is a quick turnaround paramount for your manufacturing project? You can make a significant impact on the time it takes to manufacture your project by ensuring you follow a few simple suggestions.

Choose your supplier carefully

Choosing the right company is essential. You need to select one with a good reputation who will deliver on their promises and supply you with a high-quality output.

Refrain from assuming that because a company made something quickly for you last time, they’ll be able to do so again. Workloads vary. A company that achieved a quick turnaround previously could now have a full order book.

Here at Axiom, we will give you a realistic timeline. If we can’t make it to your timescale, we will tell you and give you a date we can achieve.

Consider price and quality

If you need something done quickly, the cheapest option is not always the best. 

Choose somebody you trust to make a quality product. There’s no point getting a job done quickly if the end product isn’t up to standard.

Better to take a little longer and get it right. Choose a company, like Axiom, which is ISO 9001 approved, to ensure a quality product and service.

React quickly

Reacting quickly may seem obvious, but if you are quoted X days for manufacture, that will be X days from receipt of your purchase order. 

Lead times are continuously moving and you will be quoted the lead time at the date of the quote. 

If you then leave it several weeks to place your purchase order, a new lead time quote will be needed. 

Keep in mind volume from the get-go. If you are quoted for one item but then change that order to 10, the lead time will likely be affected.

Know what you want

If you don’t have a 3D CAD model of your product, ensure you know exactly what you require. And the quicker you let your manufacturer know, the better. 

There is nothing that will slow down a project faster than unclear specifications. 

To reduce timescale risk, use a combined design and manufacturing service. Doing so will ensure there is no delay or miscommunication between the two. 

At Axiom, we can design and manufacture your product. Our experienced designers can take your specification and turn it into a 3D CAD model.

The model will include the exact specification and information our production department needs to ensure the manufacturing process runs seamlessly.

Ensure design integrity

If you have a design already, make sure any drawings or CAD models are accurate and complete – they need to include all the details required for manufacturing.

You would be surprised at the number of CAD models we receive with missing information. All of which immediately slows down the production process.


As with any project, good communication is key to its success. Make sure you respond to any queries quickly and accurately.

Remember, your job will have been scheduled through the factory and slow responses may result in your job being put on hold. The last thing you want is for that to happen to your project, and for another job to move ahead of yours. 

Although, with Axiom, that’s not usually an issue as we have a number of CNC machines we can use for most jobs. 

Giving us the flexibility that if your job does stall, we can move it quickly to another CNC machine.  

Axiom are trusted suppliers to the ultimate in demanding quick turnaround customers – due to their uncompromising quality standards – Formula One teams

We pride ourselves on supplying projects on time and ensuring that every item is correct before it leaves our factory.

Contact us for all your CNC machining, and jigs and fixture enquiries – regardless of your timescale!


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