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How to survive F1 build season

One of the most enjoyable elements of our work is manufacturing parts for Formula 1. Not many things beat the thrill of seeing the fruits of your work speed around Bahrain at over 190 mph! Read on to learn what’s involved in building F1 parts and how to survive F1 build season.

Timing is everything in Formula One

When it comes to F1 build season, October to February is our busy time when demand and pressure can be astronomical.  The key to success is knowing how to survive F1 build season. But, from great pressure, diamonds emerge.

Things kick off with an annual quality audit and visit to ensure you’re reaching the standard of the F1 team you’re building for. Being ISO approved – as we are at Axiom – gives assurance that you’ve achieved a basic standard.

However, the standards needed for Formula 1 are much more demanding; each team will give you a quality manual from which you must work.

Deliver what you’re asked for, exactly

The requirements vary from team to team and depend on where your product goes into the car. The one constant is that you must deliver what your F1 client wants, down to the finite detail.

It’s a team project, though, and the F1 team designs parts before being passed to Axiom. Our role in the process is to ensure we manufacture products to the correct drawing specifications and tolerance.

The name for this process is build to print, a service we offer across all industries, not just F1.

Formula 1 car

Speed is of the essence when it comes to F1 manufacturing

It’s not just on the track where speed is essential; it’s also a vital part of product development. The delivery of an F1 project at high season generally follows the path of:

  1. Job outline arrives at Axiom – we return a quote within 24 hours
  2. Order placed within 48 hours of the quote
  3. The final product is ready two to three days later

To speed things up, F1 teams have vans circulating their approved suppliers to collect the goods.

It’s all about the results

As crucial as race results are to the F1 teams we work with, the quality score given to each supplier is essential to Axiom.

Included in this score is the number of non-conformities recorded as a percentage of the number of items supplied, along with an on-time delivery score.
Axiom’s score was well above the score a supplier needs to achieve to remain an approved supplier.

Formula 1 car

Quality and consistency

We’re proud to be associated with Formula 1. We won the initial F1 work because quality, consistency, and uncompromising standards are at the heart of everything we do.

We’ve also got a friendly team of experts with decades of experience to help with each project. And that is the same whether you are Formula 1 or not. The same care and expertise go into helping startup businesses and inventors create their first product as it does the recent top-secret F1 fixture.

If you’d like to find out how Axiom can help you build your product, speak with one of our team today.



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