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Precision Reverse Engineering Solutions – Case Study

An Axiom Case Study

Our case study, showcases Axiom’s precision reverse engineering solutions. In collaboration with a OEM customer, we crafted a bespoke fixture for taking electrical readings whilst a motor was situated on an existing piece of machinery.

The customer approached us with a request to make a bespoke fixture to be added to an existing piece of machinery. The customer did not have the design documentation for the machine. The requirement was for the fixture to hold and replicate a part of an electric motor. This would allow the customer to make accurate electrical readings from motor units.

Axiom visited the customers site. From customer supplied 2D drawings and onsite measurements we were able to create a 3D model of the existing machine. This then gave us the information required to start designing the fixture. In discussion with the customer, it was agreed how the new fixture would be incorporated into the existing machine. In this case the 3D printed Nylon replica of a windings section had to be accurately located and held to the existing machine without interfering with it operation. The replica winding section needed to be raised and lowered to ensure it would correctly align to the motor. This section was mounted on an adjustable aluminum frame, which slots snuggly into the existing machine infrastructure.

The final product fulfills all the customer requirements. It fits neatly to the machine and interacts with the existing machinery to allow electrical readings to be taken.

Section manufactured to sit within the existing customer machinery

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