Many of our customers require us to rapidly convert a CAD drawing to an actual physical component before making the decision to move to full production. We also provide assistance with design of the actual component, part or finished item if required.

When we say ‘rapid prototyping’, we mean really rapid, should you require it then we are able to give you machined components from plastic or aluminium in a matter of hours.

If plastic injection moulded parts are required we can make these, again extremely quickly and using our in-house presses we can make the parts you need using production-intent material in just a few days.

We provide prototype vacuum form tooling to be used by our vacuum forming partners to provide you with the parts you need in a very short timescale.

Should you need advice on the pro’s and con’s of which prototype method to use then we can advise you on these. Our design, engineering and manufacturing experience will bring your innovative ideas to life, rapidly.

The team at Axiom Product Development were asked to design a mudguard solution for a mountain bike which could be rapidly prototyped and tested quickly.

The full range of skills and experience at Axiom Product Development were called upon to design and manufacture a workable solution for MTB accessories company SicoMTB Products. The highly experienced design, engineering and machining team at Axiom went back to basics to design a dual function mud guard which could both act as a traditional mudguard and in addition divert the water and muck specifically away from the electric motor housing. Throw in a few more complications like lack of space and a highly complex solution was required.

The in-house design team at Chichester based Axiom Product Development initially 3D scanned the bike to precisely replicate the geometry of the bike and enable them to simulate the suspension travel when riding on rough terrain. The design team then designed a shape to fit the space, with some clever design features which addressed the various problems. A 3d printed prototype was produced for thorough testing and final design adjustments before the highly skilled machining team at Axiom were brought in. They CNC machined the initial prototype tooling using epoxy blocks on one of the in-house 3 axis machines. The team then worked with a vacuum forming specialist to produce the final, 2 piece, innovative mudguard solution, the DualGuard.

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