Axiom services

Tooling for plastic injection moulding

Our team is highly skilled in designing and manufacturing tools for plastic injection moulding for a wide range of industries.

We have an experienced in-house design team who will design injection mould tools for one-off prototypes (including loose block tooling), bridging tools through to high volume and multi-cavity tooling. We also repair and modify tooling made by other toolmakers, including for re-shoring purposes.

If you need a rapid tooling solution, then we are especially able to assist you. Our team provide DFM, GA’s, design and mould flow support, and we manufacture from tooling grade aluminium through to fully hardened tool steels.

Our polymer knowledge encompasses commodity and ‘high-end’ engineering polymers, including metal replacement, conductive and heat-dissipating materials.

We can provide low volume mouldings to cover prototype requirements, initial production start-up volumes and other short-run production volumes.

As well as providing all of the services outlined above within the UK, we also have a long-term partnership with a small number of proven toolmakers in China.

Should you require a full or part China-based solution, we can support this by providing all our normal UK design and trialling solutions.

Our plastic injection mould tooling service is complemented by the jig, fixture and manufacturing aids part of our business as we are often providing measurement fixtures and assembly jigs to support our customer’s manufacturing.

Precision injection mould tool | Axiom

This is a recent example of an injection mould tool that was designed in-house by Axiom Product Development designers. The tool was then machined using our DMG DMU 50 3rd generation and Haas VF4 CNC machining centres out of P20 steel. Find out more about our engineering and design capabilities here. The requirement from our customer was for a precision tool to mould TPU grommets. Our team of highly experienced designers and machinists completed the job on time.