Video footage of our latest Haas CNC machine

See video footage of our latest Haas CNC machine cutting a P20 steel injection mould tool here. This is a 12mm cutter with full flute engagement of 24 mm, running at 5 metres a minute with 1.2mm step over using dry air blast.

Axiom Product Development CNC machining on latest Haas machine

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Acetal parts for medical industry

Axiom PD have been producing some high-speed machined Acetal parts for a client in the medical industry. The brief was for high tolerance, precision engineered parts made from Acetal, a thermoplastic material which offers low friction, high stiffness and excellent dimension stability.

Acetal machined parts by Axiom Product Development

Our highly skilled machinists were able to programme, machine and finish the products in the quick turnaround required with the help of our precision DMG machines and skilled operators. Axiom PD specialise in the quick turnaround of projects and the ability to react efficiently to customers design, material and engineering requirements.

HIgh precision machining of Acetal parts by Axiom Product Development

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