Face masks available for use by NHS and frontline workers

Axiom Product Development are assisting in the manufacture of a number of designs of protective face masks for use by NHS and frontline workers in the current fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. The full face, clear protective face masks come in a variety of designs and offer high quality, multi-fit protection, with full face shields and integrated forehead band. All the face shields are manufactured in the UK.

Axiom Product Development Face Shields

Axiom Product Development are experts in fast-turnaround engineering solutions including high quality CNC machining, complex tooling, manufacturing aids and prototype plastic injection mouldings.  Adhering to the Government guidelines for Covid-19, Axiom are able to provide design engineering solutions and fast-turnaround manufacturing services to enable the rapid development of products and parts to aid the NHS, care workers and frontline staff including shop assistants, emergency services and logistics and delivery workers.

For more details please contact [email protected] or call 07738 438424