Fast turnaround engineering solutions

We would like to let our customers know that we are working and are able to support fast 24/7 turnaround tooling, moulding, component manufacture, machining and other more general engineering solutions. Our priority is on completing urgently required support projects for our customers in the medical components industry and we will continue to prioritise these projects. Our team are working safely and in accordance with the very latest government COVID-19 advice. We are honoured to be part of a broad UK engineering and manufacturing sector that is being harnessed to help front line NHS staff fight this terrible virus.

Axiom Product Development

Investment in new moulding machines

Axiom Product Development has invested in the purchase of two new plastic injection moulding machines which will significantly broaden the specialist engineering services that the company can offer both existing and new customers.

The two Negri Bossi plastic injection moulding machines, one 180 tonne and the other 90 tonne, will be used to prove out tools which have been designed and made in-house by the highly skilled CAD design team at Axiom. The new, high-tech injection moulding machines will enable the company to manufacture complex plastic components for its automotive and general industrial customers.  One of the machines will be dedicated to the production of clear plastics.

A number of key new appointments over the past six months have strengthened the skills and experience of the engineering and design team at Axiom Product Development and the addition of these new machines will broaden the range of specialist services that the company can offer its world class engineering customers