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ISO recertification

Axiom Achieves ISO 9001 Recertification.

Axiom successfully achieves ISO 9001 recertification
reverse engineered machine fitting

Reverse Engineering – What it is and how we do it.

Discover Axiom's precision reverse engineering solutions. From meticulous measurements to crafting 3D CAD models, see how we excel in delivering precise reverse engineering solutions.
laser cutter and etcher axiom logo

Laser cutter and etcher arrives at Axiom.

Laser cutter and etcher arrives at Axiom, allowing us to blend functionality with a smart new look to our products.
bike saddle precision tooling

Carbon Fibre Bike Saddle Tooling by Axiom.

Amp up your ride with Axiom's precision CNC machined and precision finished carbon fibre bike saddle tooling.
Headlight Calibration Jig Manufacturing aids

Precision Calibration for Headlight Alignment.

Ever wondered how your car's headlights maintain that spot -on alignment for that sleek look.
Jigs, Fixtures and Fittings

Addressing Customer needs with Innovation.

Axiom innovates in limited spaces: streamlining tooling with colour coded fixtures.
CNC Machining - large bed size

The A to Z guide of CNC machining technical terms: What ‘5 axis’ and ‘feed rate’ really mean.

CNC machining is full of technical terms. Here is Axiom's guide to the most common CNC Machining technical terms in a simple language everybody can ...
Bespoke Manufacturing equipment| tooling, jigs, fixtures and fittings

Increase your manufacturing efficiency.

Axiom can help you increase your manufacturing efficiency by streamlining processes with bespoke tooling, jigs and fixtures
Formula 1 car F1 build season

Discover the magic of quick turnarounds

Discover how to ensure swift and quality project completion with the right practices and partners like Axiom. ISO 9001 approved!
CNC Machining - large bed size

Size matters: Exploring large-scale CNC machining at Axiom

Axiom's large Haas VF9 CNC machines prove that in CNC machinery terms size does matter
Bespoke Manufacturing Equipment - precision press

Bespoke manufacturing equipment supplied by Axiom.

Bespoke manufacturing equipment is an Axiom specialty, this precision press was custom built to a customer's specification
CNC machining up close | Axiom

What is CNC Machining?

Axiom explains what CNC machining is, how its done, what types of machinery is used and why the staff need to be highly skilled to ...