Video footage of our latest Haas CNC machine

See video footage of our latest Haas CNC machine cutting a P20 steel injection mould tool here. This is a 12mm cutter with full flute engagement of 24 mm, running at 5 metres a minute with 1.2mm step over using dry air blast.

Axiom Product Development CNC machining on latest Haas machine

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Staff recruitment expands capabilities at Axiom Product Development

Stuart Littlechild has joined the team at Axiom as a Tool Room Finisher. Stuart is a highly skilled fabricator and coded welder and his experience enables Axiom to offer steel and aluminium fabrications and welding services to its customers.

Stuart Littlechild joins Axiom Product Development bringing new skills and capabilities

Stuart has over 25 years’ experience in the production of bespoke fabrications in the Automotive, Oil & Gas and commercial sectors. Stuart will be assisting with new customer enquiries, raising of quotations, project managing  and tool room finishing.

David Lee has also joined the team at Axiom as a highly experienced hand finisher of CNC machined components and fabrications. David increases Axioms hand finishing and assembly capacity.

David Lee joins Axiom Product Development as hand finisher of CNC machined components

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In-house mould tool manufacture through to final plastic injected parts

Always satisfying to see the creation of a product from concept and design drawings, through to machining, tool making and finally the production of the finished component.

When an aftermarket partner approached us to assist them with bringing a new product to market, the whole range of skills, precision CNC machines, plastic injection moulding machines and experience of the team was used to the full.

DMG machines at Axiom Product Development

First off the machinists, using our 3 and 5 Axis CNC machines created the high precision mould tool from the CAD files.

Axiom Product Development Plastic Injection Mould Tool

Once the complex tooling had been completed it was transferred to our Plastic Injection moulding machine.

New Plastic Injection Moulding machine at Axiom Product Development

Acrylic capped ABS plastic was used  to produce the finished components for another satisfied customer.

Axiom Product Development Plastic Injected moulded parts

Having all the processes, tools, machines and skills on-site at Axiom Product Development made bringing a new component from design to finished part all the more efficient and stream-lined. Well done team!

Acetal parts for medical industry

Axiom PD have been producing some high-speed machined Acetal parts for a client in the medical industry. The brief was for high tolerance, precision engineered parts made from Acetal, a thermoplastic material which offers low friction, high stiffness and excellent dimension stability.

Acetal machined parts by Axiom Product Development

Our highly skilled machinists were able to programme, machine and finish the products in the quick turnaround required with the help of our precision DMG machines and skilled operators. Axiom PD specialise in the quick turnaround of projects and the ability to react efficiently to customers design, material and engineering requirements.

HIgh precision machining of Acetal parts by Axiom Product Development

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Carbon manufacturing tooling

The Axiom in-house design team have designed a bespoke tool for an automotive customer to assist with the application of paint lines onto vehicles.

The design brief was for a light weight, flexible strong component. Once designed the tooling was manufactured in-house using 5 axis CNC machines. The image shows the carbon fibre parts that were produced from the Axiom designed and manufactured tools.

Great demonstration of the skills and experience of the team at Axiom as well as the advantages of having an in-house design team alongside the highly skilled machinists and top class DGM 5 Axis machines. Winning combination!

#Axiom Product Development in-house design and machining capabilities

Axiom team help Goodwood Revival racer back on track

Well done to the experienced engineering team at Axiom Product Development for working on the oil pump housing of a Mk 1 Jaguar that was competing at #Goodwood Revival at the weekend.

The experience and attention to detail of the team enabled the racing driver to get back on the circuit in time to compete in the St Mary’s Trophy at the famous Goodwood Revival!

Axiom Product Development assist Goodwood Revival racer

Axiom Product Development mend oil pump housing Axiom Product Development Machinists Axiom Product Development precision engineering

Steel casting moulds for marine client

The highly experienced team at Axiom have machined a steel casting mould recently for a marine client.

The can-do attitude of the team meant that we could offer a well-thought out engineering solution which reduced the second op machining required. The quality and talent amongst the team means we offer reliable, on-time solutions for our customers.

steel casting mould from Axiom Product Development

Steel casting mould from Axiom Product Development


Plastic Injection moulding tools and parts from Axiom

Check our latest Design for Manufacture (DFM) capabilities; the team at Axiom have designed and manufactured insert tooling for our new Negri Bossi 90 tonne plastic injection moulding machine and are now manufacturing the plastic injection moulded plastic parts onsite for an aftermarket partner.

Axiom Product Development Plastic Injection Mould Tool

The highly experienced team at Axiom offer fast turnaround, high-quality manufactured products and by making the mould tools and plastic injected moulded parts all on the one site it becomes a much more efficient and stream-lined process.

Axiom Product Development produce plastic injection mould tools

Machine tooling in exotic materials

The team at Axiom Product Development have been trialing machining in exotic materials including titanium. Our One-Stop-Shop, broad engineering and design capabilities here at Axiom mean that our design team can offer manufacturing solutions as well as materials diagnostics for customers plus the highly experienced machining team who offer quick turnaround, highly accurate machining using our brand new DMG machines.

Great results and happy customers! We are working in a range of exotic materials for a number of clients at the moment including titanium and carbon.

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titanium machining at Axiom Product Development

Busy month for team at Axiom Product Development

Its been a busy few weeks for the highly skilled team at Axiom Product Development with high quality engineering solutions going out the door daily.

The company has had a great 12 months beating their budget substantially, investing heavily in new machines and technologies and the company is on target for some busy months ahead.

3 large projects went out recently including 6 assembly fixtures, 2 vacuum forming tools, 2 advanced pressure forming tools and 4 trim fixtures!