Axiom services

Tooling for vacuum forming

An area of expertise for Axiom is in the design and manufacture of Vacuum Forming Tools. Our recent credentials include the manufacture of tooling for the iconic new Land Rover Defender.

Vacuum forming is one of the oldest and most common methods of processing plastic materials. The process involves heating a plastic sheet, draping it over a mould and then applying Vacuum to form the material to the shape of the tool.

This is a great example of an aluminium vacuum forming tool being machined on our Haas VF9 CNC machine.

Our customer required us to both design and manufacture the tool which will be used in the automotive sector. Find out about our wide range of services and capabilities here.

Another example of our vacuum forming services include this build to print order for a very innovative helmet design. Our in-house skilled machinists used the client’s design to produce the precision tooling required for the helmet.