Axiom equipment

Haas VF4

Smaller than the V-9/40, the VF4 has 20 available tool slots to be occupied for a single manufacturing session, resulting in components being completed without the need for alterations in a single session.

The addition of a variable flow coolant allows for the smaller pieces this machine will work on to maintain a workable temperature.

With a software program called Safe-Run, featuring in the Hass controls, we can prevent damage from occurring to the machine and workpiece in the event of a machine crash, ensuring safety for the team and production units.

Bedsize: 1320 x 520
RPM: 3 Axis 12000 RPM
Max table load: 1588kg
Max block size: 1220 x 450 x 509

Max cutting
16.5 m/min
X = 25,4 m/min
Y = 25.4m/min
Z = 25.4 m/min

Max thrust
X = 11343N
Y= 13343N
Z = 18683N

Tool changer
Type: Carousel
Capacity: 20
Tool-to-tool (avg): 4.2s
Chip-to-Chip(avg): 4.5s

Cooling capacity
0.6kW – 30psi flow – 19.9 L/min @ 2 bar